Blonde escorts

Blonde Escorts

What’s it all about with blondes?

The blonde escort is an open minded, sexually liberated lady who enjoys escorting and loves intimate moments spent kissing cuddling and being very friendly and this is especially so with the Manchester blonde escorts! With a great personality that is sure to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning clients, especially those who like to be pampered, the fun-loving blonde also loves role play and is happy to play the schoolgirl in your fantasy! A true naughty but nice girl.

Blondes are rare

It’s a great find when you come across a young lady with ALL the things that set you on fire, all rolled into one dream package; as often as not one of the top requirements for a large number of guys and to be found on their wish list is………..she must be blonde.  This factor alone is sure to make a young blonde Manchester escort popular with clients across the North West. A sexy bubbly blonde is statistically rarer than the brunette, so maybe it is this scarcity that adds to her kudos.

Or are they different in some way?

Many guys say that once you have dated a blonde you will settle for no one else, they have a wow factor that just can’t be found with any other girl. Slender with a provocatively shapely figure, this pale haired, pale skinned beauty attracts admiring glances as she weaves her way across the bar towards you. The disappointment is palpable on the faces of other guys in the room when they realise they have no chance with her, she is looking straight at you.  She is smiling into your eyes, ready to party, share a light meal, toast your liaison over a glass of wine and then adjourn to your room for some real quality time; this sexy blonde siren will make your date extra special.

Is it all in the mind?

Lots of girls say that they know there is a blonde inside trying to get out; they know that they were born blonde in their souls but nature wasn’t kind and left them just brown haired. Who can blame them if they want to release the inner blonde? When nature needs a helping hand, she can take solace in the cosmetics counter and transform herself into a sensation – a girl with thick, blonde hair and falling over her shoulders with just a hint of wave…… irresistible. A blonde escort Manchester guys may have chosen for the colour of her hair must be forgiven for adjusting things just a tone or two to bring out the inner blonde.

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