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Posted By Admin , In Manchester Escorts / 22 Jan , 2016 / 0 Comments

Every escort wants their clients to remember that they are human. Everybody, just as you do, has their own way of doing things, their own style, their own character and the same applies to escorts. That’s the main thing to remember when you book with an escort. It’s the supposed outcome if the appointment ends with the escort feeling used. If you don’t appreciate that then using an escort service isn’t for you.

In addition, a good client pays the right amount of money in the right way. Don’t make a fuss of giving her the cash; you both know that money is involved here so make sure you just do it casually and swiftly. Put the cash in an envelope and leave it on the table where she can see it. Don’t be insulted if she counts it either. She isn’t accusing you. Do it at the start of the meeting too. It’s just good manners. Don’t bargain or quibble. It’s so cringe worthy. The price on the site or the price you were quoted is the price you pay and by agreeing to the appointment you arranged to pay that price. Don’t put the escort in an difficult spot.

Make sure you are fresh. Obviously if you’ve just finished work or stepped off a coach to a business meeting in another city you might not feel clean, you might feel a little sweaty or in need of a shower, but the escort will have amenities in her apartment. She won’t be affronted if you ask to freshen up first because she will appreciate you want to be fresh for yourself and for her. There will usually be throwaway toothbrushes and dental floss too. Again, the escort isn’t accusing you of being unclean. She’s just being courteous.

Don’t push limits with the escort. If she says no or she tells you she’s not happy with something don’t force her to do it. Don’t offer her additional money to do it either on or off the books. She won’t back down and you will have wasted your appointment, and you won’t get your money back either. It’s not fair to ask her to do something she’s unhappy with, because again you’re not seeing her human. An escort makes arrangements to travel to you or to the apartment she will use for the appointment, she controls what she wears and how she does her makeup, and she controls what times she works. No matter what the limitations are that the escort you’re going to see works in, you need to respect them and if you can’t, again you shouldn’t be using escorts.

Next week catch Part Two of ‘What Makes a Good Client?’ so that you are prepared before going to see any Escorts in Manchester. Manchester Escorts are qualified and subtle, and they anticipate only what’s right; respect and hygiene. You would want her to be hygienic and polite, so it’s only right that you show her the same consideration!

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